What Are Nail Disorders?

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What are Nail Abnormalities? The nails are shaped by the outer layer of human skin called the nail cell matrix and protect the sensitive tips of our fingers from unnecessary damage. The nail cell matrix is crucial for the proper growth and shape of the nail plate. With aging, the matrix can weaken and the nail may easily break off. These abnormal nails can be caused by a number of reasons. Some causes include:

Spots on the nails can be classified as Nail Abnormalities. Spots on the nail are the result of abrasion or compressive stresses. They are generally seen on the longer nails like the toenails and finger tips. Nail irregularities are also termed as brittle spots or ridges. Brittle spots are generally found on the nails right below the cuticle level. This is the area where the nails grow and separate from each other.

Nail abnormalities or pitting can affect anyone. It can appear on any part of the body like knees, elbows, hands, face, neck, shoulders, and back. In addition to the spots or ridges, discoloration or thickening of the nail is another sign of an abnormal condition. Although nail abnormalities are not a common occurrence; still discoloration of nail and thickening of it are commonly found in some people. Some of the common nail abnormalities include:

Nail Redness: Nail redness is commonly seen in diabetic patients, because the redness is caused by high blood sugar levels. This is usually a mild inconvenience to life and can be treated at home with over-the-counter medicated products. Other causes for a nail redness include trauma, infection, injury, and excessive growth of the nail. Nail trauma and infection require medical treatments and the effects can be severe.

Tea Tree Oil: Olive oil is one of the most popular remedies used to treat the fungus and nail infections. Olive oil is effective against nail fungus and bacterial infections; however it has been found to be effective against fungal infections of the fingernails and toenails. The reason behind this is that tea tree oil contains active compounds that have been found to inhibit the growth and spread of nail fungi.

Nail injuries due to falls lead to skin infections and nutrient deficiencies. This can result to poor and unhealthy nails. Nutritional deficiencies can cause skin disorders, which in turn manifests through poor and unhealthy nails. People who suffer from such skin problems can improve their nails by applying topical applications and taking nutritional supplements. Applying vitamin E directly on the affected areas will help in improving the skin condition and strengthen the nail.

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