Brilliant Steps Of Sex For Newly weds

  • Find a position you both love:- at the beginning of sex life, you can’t experiment too much thus las vegas bdsm recommend that you both find a common sex position that you both love. Until you get completely comfortable with each other, a common sex position keeps you both connected.
  • Use lubricants:- in beginning, your body is not prepared for regular sex especially your first one thus bdsm in las vegas recommend to use good water-based lubricants. These not only make the process smooth but you both will enjoy sex without irritation or pain.
  • Have plenty of foreplay:- sexual arousal is important to get good orgasm thus you both should have plenty of foreplay during sex.
  • Try dirty talk and sexting:- dirty talking and sexting, while you are out somewhere, will keep your intimacy fired up and maintain a level of sexual tension between you both.
  • Keep a fixed sex routine:- a good sex routine is the key to a great sex life and routine also helps you in getting your body prepared for regular sex, thus bdsm las vegas that you should have a sex routine in your life for some time to make sex a part of your upcoming future.

Apart from these tips you can follow these tricks too for a healthy sex life. These are:-

  • Explore each others arousing zones
  • Experiment with role-play
  • Don’t fake orgasms
  • Masturbate in front of each other
  • Make quickies a part of your sex life
  • Try tantric sex occasionally
  • Make good oral sex
  • Make your partner feel sexy

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